Laravel PHP commands

Laravel PHP commands

Install Composer, run the following script in your terminal:
# curl -sS | sudo php — –install-dir=/usr/local/bin –filename=composer

Install the Laravel CLI globally, run the following Composer command:
# composer global require “laravel/installer”

Create a new project with Laravel
# laravel new <PROJECT-NAME>

Clear laravel cache
# php artisan cache:clear

Start PHP server on port 8000
# php artisan serve

Restart Apache web server on ubuntu
# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Install Laravel Passport
# composer require laravel/passport

Create a controller
# php artisan make:controller NameController

Create a model
# php artisan make:model -mr

Create migrations using following command
# php artisan make:migration create__table

To execute the migrations and write to the database:
# php artisan migrate

Make Database Seeders (Will automatically insert dummy data into the database)
# php artisan make:seeder <TableName>Seeder
e.g: php artisan make:seeder UsersTableSeeder

Run database seeders (After updating database/DatabaseSeeder.php file)
# php artisan db:seed (This will update the database with dummy data)

Run the passport installation (create keys for securing application)
# php artisan passport:install

Test the application locally
# php artisan serve

To check full route list
# php artisan route:list

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